Fufichi is a gentle soul that calls Calgary her home. She received this webpage as a gift from her boyfriend(now husband) back in 2006. As a teenager raised by the Internet she wrote a lot in this space but ultimately abandoned it (and lost the entries) when adult life took most of her time. On her spare time she enjoys the company of her cats and her husband. She loves going to the mountains due to the proximity of Calgary to the Rockies. Other activities include reading fiction books, playing video games, binge watching TV shows and wasting time browsing Reddit. Unfortunately, she never grew up and she insists on reading Young Adult books even if she ends up disappointed sometimes. On another life she wanted to be a writer but her brain is better suited to do logical work so she got a Software Engineering degree and now works as a Software Developer. To stay close to the literary world she has started to read books again like she used to and her favourite genres are fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and adventures.

She is fluent in Spanish because she was born in Venezuela and moved to Canada in 2010. That’s why sometimes she will write posts in Spanish with no explanation.