The Last Wish is the first book of The Witcher series. The first time I heard the Witcher series was because of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video game. It was recommended to me by several people and I bought it with the two expansions right after I finished school as a way to celebrate myself and my ability to finish a second degree at University and still have some sanity left. The video game experience was amazing considering I love fantasy open-world games and my previous favourite game was Skyrim. So, the Witcher 3 became an instant favourite. I got intrigued by Geralt of Rivia, how he became a witcher and all his friends and enemies. I wondered about the origins of the video game and researched a little bit about how the video game was based on a series of books written by polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The next thing, I bought the series on Amazon and decided to read the first book during my Christmas break.

The book tells the adventures of Geralt of Rivia and the book consists of several short stories that are a re-telling of several fairy tales, including The Beauty and the Beast and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We get to see Geralt and the famous scene later referenced in the game in which he became the Butcher of Blaviken. But first, an introduction to the story: Geralt of Rivia is a witcher, a monster slayer feared by humans. He’s one of the last ones witchers created through dangerous mutations and rituals and he possesses special abilities to fight monsters. He works by taking contracts that involve getting rid of monsters. Reading this book, I was amazed by how the Geralt of the video game matches with the one written in the book. I finally understood the Law of Surprises and other facts mentioned in the game. I definitely enjoyed reading this book as it was quickly paced, filled with action and a lot of Geralt pirouetting around to kill monsters.

I will be reading the next books after I clear my queue of audiobooks from the library (yay to free audiobooks from the Calgary library, well spent taxes if you ask me). If you are fan of the game this book is a must-read. If you love adventures and fantasy this book will be enjoyable even if you haven’t heard about the video game.
Rating: (4 / 5)

Genre: Fantasy

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski

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